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Slow Coming Day On Tour With Gatsby's American Dream!
Posted by Slow Coming Day on 07/16/04

Don't miss Slow Coming Day on tour with Gatsby's American Dream and As Tall As Lions. Go out and support them when they hit a town near you! Check out dates here and make your plans!

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Inspiration, motivation and the contrived walk a very fine line. There is an entire music scene filled with bands that make music, not out of necessity or passion, but by settling on mere imitation, based on extraneous aspects of what can make music an egotistically and financially profitable endeavor. The emoting of credible artists becomes part of a genre-formula, and suddenly the appearance of sincerity can no longer be trusted.

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Slow Coming Day


Orion Walsh - Vocals, Guitar
Kevin Lanctot - Guitar
Brandon Queen - Drums, Background Vocals
Bobbylee Hansen - Bass