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Squad 5-0 Goes Hi-Fi!
Posted by Squad Five-0 on 02/19/03

Squad 5-0 is going on tour with American Hi-Fi from March 1st through the

10th. Check out these dates, then check them out when they come through

your town!

03.01.03 - Baltimore, MD - Fletcher's...

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Quick Bio

Squad Five-O released a debut on Tooth & Nail Records last year that raised the level for underground rock and roll bands. Full of fist-pumping gritty anthems, clanging and splintering guitars, and the incessant banging of a cowbell, it established the band as an-ahead-of-its-time return to "The Rock." In the words of CCM Magazine, the album put modern rock "closer to the heart of Squad Five-O's passion for radical faith in a dark world.

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Squad Five-0


Jeff Fortson - Vocals, guitar
John Fortson - Bass
Adam Garbinski - Guitar
Kris Klein - Guitar
Dave Petersen - Drums