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Too Bad Eugene


When it’s all said and done, punk is about doing what you want to do, when you want to do it. Even if it means
bringing the metal and using big words. “The new record is called Moonlighting. The title has to do with the place
music has come to take in our lives… music used to be the main thing…Now we're all responsible, married, working
guys who play in a rock band sorta on the side… we're not full time rock star wannabe's anymore, but family guys
who moonlight as musicians.” Most people wouldn’t equate college graduates, dads, and sales management with
punk rock innovation, but Too Bad Eugene brings actual real-life experience to the table, and has crafted 10 songs
laden with the kind of humanity and depth that doesn’t come from being 15 and upset about having to go to class.
These songs highlight an in-depth and well thought-out faith in Christ, and an exploration of society and relationships
through that worldview.

Making time between getting degrees and having kids, Too Bad Eugene wrote upwards of 30 songs before recording
countless of sporadic weekend and evening sessions during November 2001 to May 2002, for the follow-up to
their 2000 release At Any Rate, produced by Mike Herrera (MxPx) and Sean O’Dweyer. To facilitate their non-conventional
punk sound, which they were encouraged to tone down for their last record, TBE produced Moonlighting
themselves, allowing the freedom to incorporate technical metal, the philosophical, and song structures that actually
take more than 2 minutes to get through. “On this album, we didn't want to [tone down]. We wanted Andy to be
free to play as good as we knew he could… we let the songs take us how ever long they wanted to be.”

Moonlighting, a record made by guys who actually use phrases like, “rigidly defined plateaus of spiritual growth”
(when describing “Charismata”) and “narrow-minded and dogmatic tendencies in the spiritual tradition” (when
describing “Premodern Donna”) and then write catchy, anti-pop songs about them could be the salvation of a genre
slowly turning itself into a cliché with every minute and half bopper about mean girls. “Keeping the band as something
I do for fun and don't rely on for money makes me much freer to make the kind of music I want and not be too
concerned with what's coming in style and what is going out of style.” Being able to read and afford to eat may be
the new punk.

Quick Bio

When it’s all said and done, punk is about doing what you want to do, when you want to do it. Even if it means

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Too Bad Eugene


Matt Switaj - Vocals, Guitar
Bryan Gray - Vocals, Guitar
Christopher Wiitala - Vocals, Bass
Trevor Wiitala - Drums