Posted Tuesday, September 7, 2004 by Casey

Put Your Hands Together For...Showbread!

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Join us as we officially welcome Showbread to the Tooth & Nail family! One glimpse of Showbread and you will never be the same. Imagine seven equally energetic bodies swarming the stage like a multitude of angry bees, on the prowl. There are guitars propelling, hips shaking, and a key-tar! Yes, we said key-tar! Their signature red and black ensembles only add to their dynamic show and before you know it, you are shaking your hips back to the monstrous beats, and clapping along with utter exuberance. Showbread's debut release, "No Sir, Nihilism Is Not Practical," was recorded with acclaimed producer Sylvia Massy Shivy (Tool, Johnny Cash) and contains 13 tracks of non-stop RAW ROCK! Look for it in stores everywhere on October 19th and whet your appetite by downloading the song, "Mouth Like A Magazine," here! RAW ROCK KILLS!

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