Posted Thursday, July 8, 2004 by Casey

A Message From Scott From the Warped Tour!

Hey Tooth & Nail kids!

This is a special note coming from somewhere in between Las Vegas and
San Diego from the Mae tour bus. I am writing you guys because I want
to thank all of you for coming out to the first couple of Warped Tour
shows. If you didn’t know, Tooth & Nail has a merch tent with a ton of
CD's and some brand new shirts. Also there are currently 3 Tooth & Nail
bands traveling on the tour.

* Underoath is on the whole tour playing on the SmartPunk stage.

* Mae will be on the tour through Denver on the Maurice stage.

* Emery will join the tour in Boise, Seattle, and Portland and play on the Smartpunk stage.

* Fighting Jacks will be on the tour in Sacramento, Boise, and Seattle.

They all will have merch booths carrying some of the new goods. So come by the booths and rock out at the shows. The Tooth & Nail booth is playing some new videos by Underoath and Dead Poetic so come check them out.

See you in your hometown!


The Nail Merch dude.

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