Posted Monday, March 2, 2009 by Casey

MxPx's Cover of "Suburban Home" Up Now!

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MxPx have posted another song from "On The Cover II", Descendents' "Suburban Home". They'll add a new song each Monday until the album comes out so stay tuned next week!

You can also swing by, and view two photos of the band posing as the Descendents and the Go-Gos. Photos of them impersonating the bands that they've covered on "On The Cover II" will also be posted there every Monday as the songs go up.

"On The Cover II" is available in stores and online March 24th, but you can pre=order it now at a few places: the Tooth & Nail Store with some sweet MxPx shades, Interpunk with a free T-shirt and Smartpunk with a signed booklet.

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