Posted Thursday, June 18, 2009 by Casey

New Showbread Album "The Fear Of God" Out August 11th!

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Showbread's new album "The Fear Of God" will be available in stores and online August 11th! If Showbread had a “formula” The Fear Of God might be described as a return to it, but after years of genre bending rock and roll and outright refusal to adhere to any type of musical rule whatsoever, a Showbread formula is difficult to pin down. “It is the purest form of Raw Rock” guitarist Mike Jensen says of their new album, “It’s the best definition of Showbread”. With enough screaming and punk rock energy to satisfy fans of Showbread’s earlier chaotically tinged music and enough addictive synthesizer laced rhythm and melody to reel in the casual listener, it just might be that all the Showbread components are working in perfect synergy.

Stay tuned for new music! For art and tracklisting, check out the album page.

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