Posted Tuesday, August 9, 2011 by Casey

Sainthood Reps' New Album "Monoculture" In Stores and Online Now!

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Sainthood Reps' new album "Monoculture" is available in stores and online now! Pick it up at your local Best Buy,, FYE or record store. You'll be able to recieve a free 7" featuring "Monoculture" and "Telemarketeer (alternate version)" with purchase of the album at participating Record Store Day locations. Availability is limited, so visit the Record Store Day Website for a store near you and call ahead to make sure they have them in stock. "Monoculture" is also available for download for only $5.99 at Amazon MP3, or get it on iTunes.

To preview the entire album, check out "Monoculture" on Purevolume, and for some insight into the band, watch "Monoculture" Episode #1 on YouTube.

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