Posted Friday, February 9, 2007 by Casey

MxPx Rejoins the Tooth & Nail Family!

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MxPx has rejoined Tooth & Nail Records, reestablishing a strong and familiar relationship that dates back to the beginning of the legendary Washington state trio's illustrious recording and touring career.

"We were at a place where, somehow, we found ourselves on this freeway looking at a Tooth & Nail off-ramp. And it looked pretty good!" says singer/ bassist Mike Herrera.

After three albums and two EP's on Tooth & Nail (including the landmark "Life in General"), as many more for a major label and 2005's widely-hailed return to form "Panic," MxPx is hard at work in a Seattle studio on what will be their first album for The Nail in over ten years. And the new material? It's incredible.

"There was nothing we didn't like about our last label, we just felt like we have to try new things and always keep things fresh," Herrera explains. "Tooth & Nail has grown tremendously as a label since we parted ways. In talking to the people there, there is a real enthusiasm for our band. It's awesome."

Comments Tooth & Nail founder Brandon Ebel:

"MxPx was a huge part of establishing Tooth & Nail. It was exciting to put out their first album and it will be equally exciting to introduce their new material to the world."

A staple of the Warped Tour, MTV2 and Fuse, an international draw in countries as diverse as Australia and Japan, MxPx has been making records since they were in high school, starting with the seminal "Pokinatcha." They have survived the ebbs and flows of the trends, sticking to their guns with their integrity and credibility intact, with critical love from Alternative Press and praise from their peers.

And as much as the band has returned home to the label that launched them, MxPx is working hard to deliver an album that reestablishes their core sound, as well. Their as-yet untitled new album, due out in the summer, promises to offer a fresh take on the core elements their fans have always loved.

The new album also reunites MxPx with Aaron Sprinkle, who produced the band's very first album, and went on to work with Pedro The Lion, Anberlin, Eisley and Emery, to name just a few.

"It's going to be a good mix of stuff. It's going to be mixed with super pop and super fast, melodic punk rock. A lot of aggression, energy and hooks," Herrera enthuses.

"I think we're over trying to experiment too much with too many different styles," he elaborates. "Everything is very honest and straight-forward. Our last album was the reintroduction to MxPx but I still felt like it wasn't as much MxPx as this record is going to be. We were just on our way and now we've arrived. This definitely won't be our last record, but, we want to approach every record like it could be."

Close followers of MxPx's career may recall a bit of acrimony from the band's initial split with their original home. But it's all water under the bridge for The Nail's prodigal sons now.

"We regret a lot of things that happened and I think the label does, too. This was a chance to rebuild the bridge over some of the mistakes we had all made," Mike says.

"We were both very young and the label and the band were growing very fast," agrees Ebel. "It feels great to put all of that behind us and move forward with a brand new MxPx album on Tooth & Nail."

There is so much positivity and enthusiasm that it can't help but propel MxPx even further to uncharted heights in 2007 and beyond. Look forward to a major tour announcement from MxPx soon!

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