Posted Tuesday, October 4, 2011 by Casey

Pre-Order Family Force 5's "III" on iTunes!

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Pre-Order Family Force 5's upcoming album "III" on iTunes now! And their single "Wobble" is also available for download on iTunes as well as Amazon MP3.

There's also a physical pre-order of "III" available. Bundles are up at their store with a T-shirt, Poster, Sticker and Bling Ring. "III" in stores & online October 18th!

Package 1: $10 - Autographed copy of "III" + Sticker
Package 2: $25 - Autographed copy of "III" + Album Art T + Sticker
Package 3: $50 - Autographed copy of "III" + Album Art T + Poster + Sticker + FF5 Bling Ring!*

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