Posted Wednesday, October 26, 2011 by Casey

Join The Tooth & Nail Mailing List (Again)!

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With all the sweet changes we are making to ensure you lovely guys and gals get the best from us, we are also switching over our mailing list service. So if you want to get (or keep getting) latest and greatest from us here at your friendly neighborhood record label, so we'd like to politely request that you sign up for the Tooth & Nail Mailing List, or if you already receive the notes we sometimes pass, re-sign up so that we have the best way to contact you.  While we can't promise it will bring you massive fortune, double rainbows or cute puppies, we can promise that you'll receive music, videos, tour dates and more from our rather respectable roster, and be kept in the loop when we do cool stuff like holiday sales and song giveaways.

What more could you want?

Sign up now at the Tooth & Nail Website.  We'll be in touch!

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