Posted Thursday, May 5, 2005 by Casey

Tooth & Nail Signs The Fold!

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Tooth & Nail Records is proud to announce the signing of Chicago based rock outfit, The Fold. Begun from the remnants of four previous bands, including Warner Brothers group, Showoff and Chicago-based bands Starstruck and Epsin 12, The Fold began in 2002 as the brainchild of lead vocalist and guitarist, Daniel Castady. Rounding out the line-up of early twenties-somethings is Aaron Green on guitar, Keith Mochel on bass and Mark Rhoades on drums.

“It will only strengthen the structure that we have already been building,” Castady elaborates on their recent signing to the Tooth & Nail. “The people there are very much in tune with what we’re trying to do and we are confident that we have an exciting road ahead!”

What they have been building is a solid fanbase not only in the midwest, but throughout the nation as well via their already packed tour schedule, joining groups like Allister and Spoken on the road. Additionally, having already established themselves in previous bands has not only allowed The Fold a chance to mature via their experience, but to also have a more concise focus on what they would like to transpire in their future.

“The band FAR really inspires us, though they broke up a good 5 years ago,” Castady explains. “Musically we would like to pick up where they left off.”

Now The Fold will have their chance to do just that. Gearing to head to the studio with Steven Haigler (Brand New, Quicksand, Fuel) in New York City this month, look for The Fold’s debut Tooth & Nail Records release tentatively scheduled for the fall.

“I think it’s going to be a great sounding record,” Castady concludes. “As for the songs, we’re writing about three times as many as we could possibly use, so we hope that through the process of elimination we come out with a timeless selection of music.”

To listen to previous recordings from The Fold, visit their Purevolume site here!

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