The Classic Crime

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Acoustic EP: Seattle Sessions

Produced, Engineered, and Mixed by Matt Bayles
Except 1,4, and 7 mixed by Mike Green
Mastered by Troy Glessner
Additional Female Vocals on "Far From Home" by Kristie MacDonald and Ruth Erickson
Additional Percussion by Matt Bayles
Pianos on "Blindfolded" by Justin Duque and Matt Bayles
Keys on "Wake Up (Shipwreck),"When The Time Comes," and "Far From Home" by Matt MacDonald
"Far From Home" Coarranged by Matt MacDonald and Skip Erickson
Pre Production recorded by Jason Johanson at Basshead Studios, Hughson, CA

Cover Photograph by Jon Madison (
Band Photography by Leif Anderson
Art Direction by The Classic Crime

All Songs Scotsman (ASCAP), except tracks 2&3, Scotsman (ASCAP)/Justus (ASCAP)

Quick Bio

The Classic Crime isn't limited to scenes, trends or even genres -- at least not to anything more specifically than "rock" (like say U2 or the Foo Fighters). They may hail from the rich music scene of Seattle, but they aren't hipsters and they don't play grunge. With giant infectious melodies and occasional dalliances with prog-math and a newfound sense of whimsy, The Classic Crime is for everybody.

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The Classic Crime


Justin DuQue - Guitar
Matt MacDonald - Vocals
Paul Erickson - Drums
Robbie Negrin - Guitar
Alan Clark - Bass