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Catch For Us The Foxes

If you've had a chance to catch mewithoutYou on any one of their hundreds of tour dates since the release of their debut album, "[A-->B] Life" you’ve no doubt recognized their live show as one of the most energetic, destructive and exhausting of nearly any band in the scene today, complete with a flailing lead singer, crushed floral blossoms strewn about the stage, and some of the most innovative artistry to be shown to a typically unchallenged audience. With this artistic display also comes the anticipation of what is to come, where the creativity of five such accomplished musicians shall take them next. Fans will finally get the chance to see for themselves October 5th. With the brilliance of producer Brad Wood (Fire Theft, Smashing Pumpkins, Pete Yorn) to challenge their sound even further, mewithoutYou’s sophomore release, “Catch For Us the Foxes,” creates something stirring, something deep and urgent, while still keeping all the passion that generates mewithoutYou’s magnificence.

Quick Bio

Great music asks something from us. It’s not enough just to listen. The best albums move us because we’ve responded to their wake-up calls.

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Aaron Weiss - Lead Vocals
Michael Weiss - Guitar
Christopher Kleinberg - Guitar
Greg Jehanian - Bass Guitar
Richard Mazzotta - Drums