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Further Seems Forever

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Hope This Finds You Well Track List

  1. The Moon Is Down
  2. Pride War
  3. Hide Nothing
  4. Snowbirds And Townies
  5. Light Up Ahead
  6. Against My Better Judgment
  7. The Bradley
  8. New Year's Project
  9. How To Start A Fire
  10. Someone You Know
  11. The Sound
  12. Wearing Thin
  13. Bleed
  14. Pictures of Shorelines
  15. For All We Know
  16. Vengeance Factor (feat. Chris Carrabba)
  17. There, Now I've Said It (feat. Jason Gleason)
  18. Say It Ain't So (feat. Chris Carrabba)
  19. Light Up Ahead (Acoustic) (feat. Jon Bunch)
  20. Bye Bye Bye (feat. Jason Gleason)
  21. Justice Prevails (feat. Chris Carrabba)

Quick Bio

Passion. It’s not only the reason so many musicians strive to make a career of their art, but it’s the inherent drive to keep aspirations alive and running. It’s what pushes a band through the loss of two separate singers and on to a third with hopeful optimism. It’s the ingredient that views skeptics as motivation and trials as inspiration. And ultimately, it’s what has set Further Seems Forever apart from the pack.

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Further Seems Forever


Jon Bunch - Vocals
Josh Colbert - Guitar
Derick Cordoba - Guitar
Chad Neptune - Bass
Steve Kleisath - Drums