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Tri-Danielson (Alpha) Track List

  1. [Untitled]
  2. Southern Paws
  3. Rubber Decker
  4. Body English
  5. Runnin' To Brother
  6. Between the Lines of the Scout Signs
  7. A Meeting with your Maker
  8. Gorgeous New Age
  9. Pottymouth
  10. The Elderly and the Little Ones
  11. Holy Kisser's Block Party
  12. Flesh
  13. Lord Did you Hear Harrison?

Quick Bio

Daniel Smith, the eldest sibling of five, closely-knit, brothers and sisters, has released music under a handful of different monikers since 1995. Originally creating “Danielson” as an art school project for his senior thesis, the idea quickly started to grow into the aptly named “Danielson Famile.” This group, which brought into the mix his four younger siblings along with a few friends from childhood, released the critically-acclaimed, “Tell Another Joke at the Ol’ Choppin’ Block” in 1997. During the next two years saw the release of two back-to-back concept albums, “Alpha” and “Omega” under the name “Tri-Danielson,” before Danielson Famile returned with a family celebration album called “Fetch the Compass Kids,” released in 2001. Three years later, he returned with “Brother is to Son,” an album celebrating personal identity and community, but this time released under the moniker “Br. Danielson.”

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Daniel - Vocals, Acoustic Guitars
Rachel - Vocals, Flute
Megan - Vocals, Bells
Teddy - Banjo
David - Drum Kit, Grandma's Timer
Andrew - Percussion Kit
Chris P. - Keys, Electronics