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Building A Better Me Track List

  1. The Good Times
  2. There's Room for Everyone
  3. Building a Better Me
  4. Comes Crashing
  5. Autobiographies
  6. Myro
  7. Come Back Down
  8. The Battle of Them vs. Them
  9. Cheat Me
  10. Someone See
  11. The Bad Times (Reprise)
  12. Overexposed
  13. The Bad Times
  14. Truth About It Is
  15. Great Literature
  16. Nothing New

Quick Bio

Dogwood is relentless punk rock machinery, bent on dismantling a poorly constructed hierarchy of radio friendly faux-punk currently dominating mindsets and play-lists. They’ve been around long enough, eight years, to see commercialism and the contrived bring tragedy to a scene whose trademark was once identified by purity and ideal. Even inter-personal tales of loss and struggle have become wrought with cliché and formulaic tear-jerking. It’s in this cultural environment that Dogwood’s sincerity and credibility make most obvious the standard by which punk should be measured.

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Josh Kemble - Vocals
Rob "Destro" Hann - Bass
Daniel Montoya - Guitar/Vocals
Andrew Montoya - Drums