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The Fold

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This Too Shall Pass

Recorded & mixed May and June 2005 at Vudu Studios, Long Island
Additional engineering and editing by Anthony Vero
Mastered by Brian Gardener at Bernie Grundman's
*Recorded & mixed November and December 2005 at Compound Magnolia
Mastered by Troy Glessner

Executive Producer: Brandon Ebel

Additional vocals on "I Believe You" by Matthew Thiessen
Matthew Thiessen appears courtesy of Capitol Records
Additional vocals on "We've Been At This" by Tom Higgenson
Tom Higgenson appears courtesy of Fearless Records

All songs written by The Fold. All lyrics by Daniel Castady except "With You, I Sink", by Daniel Castady & Mark Rhoades
2006 Truck Treatment Music (ASCAP)/Thirsty Moon River Publishing (ASCAP)

Quick Bio

From a rather complicated tangle of events, and by a sometimes dark and winding road, The Fold have managed to not only survive the rough times, but to make the best of them. Their upcoming sophomore album, "Secrets Keep You Sick," is evidence of the band’s ability to channel their experiences into powerful, infectious songs. Produced by Zack Odom and Kenneth Mount (Cartel), and slated for release on Tooth & Nail, the eleven tracks stand as a sincere soundtrack to the last couple years of their lives, and an open invitation to the rest of the world to share the experience. The band’s musical prowess and melodic maturity combine to make perfectly crafted music, full of undeniable hooks and passionate lyrics. “These songs are about letting things out,” says Castady, “sometimes sharing your self and your struggles is the only way to move on.” "Secrets Keep You Sick" reveals a group quite capable of making something beautiful of life – and finding a way to encourage the rest of the world to do the same.

The Fold


Daniel Castady - Vocals, Guitar
Aaron Green - Guitar
Keith Mochel - Bass
Mark Rhoades - Drums