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Brother, Sister

In a musical landscape dominated by genre divisions and marketing campaigns, "Brother, Sister" is simply an album made by five people who create art without any limitations—and that's what makes it so important. While the album retains the band's instantly recognizable post-hardcore sound, Weiss' vocals and the implementation of atypical instrumentation are the most instantly recognizable shifts from 2004's "Catch For Us The Foxes." But there's only so much you can articulate via adjectives and sound bytes about an album as artistically moving as "Brother, Sister." Ultimately, it has to be experienced. Look for "Brother, Sister" in stores everywhere September 26th.

Quick Bio

Great music asks something from us. It’s not enough just to listen. The best albums move us because we’ve responded to their wake-up calls.

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Aaron Weiss - Lead Vocals
Michael Weiss - Guitar
Christopher Kleinberg - Guitar
Greg Jehanian - Bass Guitar
Richard Mazzotta - Drums