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Emotion Is Dead

The second album from the Juliana Theory features 13 new songs that keep the exceptional qualities of the debut -- mystery, intelligence, and emotional fire -- while becoming more sophisticated in sound and composition. The Big Takeover wrote: "With its smashing guitars, pulsating rhythms, and impassioned vocals, this is an extremely hopeful quintet that might even surpass its contemporaries in time."

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The world was introduced to The Juliana Theory last year-and the response was immediate. "A breath of fresh air..." said CCM Magazine. The band's stirring, emotional approach to pop music made music fans and critics alike stand up and take notice. But The Juliana boys were just getting started. Now with a year of constant touring under their belts, the band is ready to deliver their second album "Emotion is Dead".

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The Juliana Theory


Brett Detar - vocals, guitars, keyboards, programming
Chad Alan - bass, backing vocals
Joshua Fiedler - guitars, backing vocals
Joshua Kosker - guitars, backing vocals
Josh Walters - drums