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Figureheads on the Forefront of Pop Culture Track List

  1. I Gave Her My Heart, She Gave Me A Pen
  2. Theology And Algebra
  3. Transatlantic Solo Flight
  4. Versatile Solutions For Modern Living
  5. You Know Who You Are
  6. Emerald City Indie Queen
  7. Monotone [Instrumental]
  8. Fort Lewis Gun Club Youth Day
  9. Divine Minus Outside The Brackets
  10. Kick The Map In The River
  11. Vivaladel
  12. Crown Hill Hardware

Quick Bio

It’s been five years, and perhaps not many people have been waiting, but Blenderhead are back, and this time they’re going to be heard. The line-up is almost the same, with the addition of guitarist Tyler Vander Ploeg of Ten Times Fast, but the music is more now. There are hints of everything from Jawbreaker to Girls vs. Boys slipping into the mix, but the outcome is an aggressive outpouring of punk rock emotion. The songs tie and fit together like some post punk collage. The frantic noisy guitars and solid pop structures carry these songs into a space shared by bands like Burning Airlines, Dismemberment Plan, and Fugazi, but this space is their own. Certain moments enjoy a move into a mellower dynamic, but then the guitar cracks in, with a bass that sounds always on edge, and you’re back into the fray, loving it. - Big Takeover



Bill Power - Vocals, Bass
Matt Johnson - Drums
Ed Carrigan - Guitar
Tyler Vander Ploeg - Guitar
Paul Henry - Bass
Eben Haase - Guitar