Element 101

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Stereo Girl Track List

  1. To Whom it May Concern
  2. Dead Romance Language Club
  3. A faithful Fascination
  4. Standing on the Edge of Night
  5. Today and Always
  6. Just to Like you
  7. 20 years in the Making
  8. A Wish for You
  9. Private Conversations
  10. A desperate Plea for the Retaliation of the Mundane
  11. Introspective
  12. Skyline Silhouettes

Quick Bio

Turning over a new leaf to try something bold and refreshing, Element 101 brings forth a dynamic confidence and melodic flair with their fourth studio album, "More Than Motion". Driving guitar progressions, punctuated drums, and vocal experimentations all emphasize a more raw and energetic feeling. Element 101 has embraced the challenge of pushing outside of their own mold to create a new sound of their own.

Element 101


Crissie Verhagen - Vocals
Chris Mizzone - Guitar, Vocals
Danny Papa - Guitar
Sal Ciaravino - Bass
Nick Acocella - Drums