Element 101

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Future Plans Undecided Track List

  1. Between Now And Then
  2. Leaving Me Before The Spring Semester
  3. In My Love And On My Mind
  4. A Galaxy Apart
  5. So Unpredictable
  6. Keeping Secrets
  7. Some Chances Are Worth Taking
  8. Jersey Never Seemed So Long
  9. Preconceived Notions
  10. Somethings Are Better Left Unsaid
  11. Only In Pictures
  12. You Never Cease To Amaze Me

Quick Bio

Turning over a new leaf to try something bold and refreshing, Element 101 brings forth a dynamic confidence and melodic flair with their fourth studio album, "More Than Motion". Driving guitar progressions, punctuated drums, and vocal experimentations all emphasize a more raw and energetic feeling. Element 101 has embraced the challenge of pushing outside of their own mold to create a new sound of their own.

Element 101


Crissie Verhagen - Vocals
Chris Mizzone - Guitar, Vocals
Danny Papa - Guitar
Sal Ciaravino - Bass
Nick Acocella - Drums