The River Bends

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And Flows Into The Sea Track List

  1. Looking For You
  2. Lawyers and White Paper
  3. Are You Lonely?
  4. Chestnut Street
  5. All The Days And Nights
  6. 22
  7. I Love You April
  8. Days Repeating
  9. It Takes Time
  10. Better Or Worse
  11. You Could Be Anything

Quick Bio

Listening to a Denison Witmer song is like recalling a vivid life experience. With each passing note, with each sigh to a tune, a memory evokes, and the beauty of his lyrics leaves each word feeling strategically placed to do so, and do so in a way that makes each piece not only meaningful, but personal to whomever is listening as well.

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Denison Witmer - Guitar, Vocals, Piano
Steve Yutzy - Burkey
Alec Melzer - Drums, Percussion
Scott French - Drums, Electric Guitar, Keyboard
Daryl Hirsch - Piano, Keyboards
Krista Yutzy - Burkey
Mike "Slo Mo" Brenner - Lap Steel
Lauren Ingalls - Harmony Vocals