Two Thirty Eight

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El Libro De Recuerdos Track List

  1. Just Dropping (A line)
  2. To The Concerned
  3. A Beautiful Disease
  4. This Is Why I Wait
  5. Suitcases For Always
  6. Tales From Your Nightstand
  7. You Made A Way For Moses
  8. Far From Comfort
  9. I'll Never Do That
  10. Colorblind
  11. Number Four
  12. Kevin
  13. Stripped of All
  14. Chase What Makes Your Heart Flutter
  15. Subtle Sacrifice
  16. Trials

Quick Bio

Two Thirty Eight’s Regulate the Chemicals debut release on Tooth and Nail Records was a defining moment for a great rock

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Two Thirty Eight


Christopher Ryan Staples - Vocals, Guitar
Ben W. May - Bass
Kevin M. Woerner - Guitar
Dylan Daniel Roper - Drums