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Southern Weather Track List

  1. Say This Sooner
  2. Drive There Now
  3. Dirty And Left Out
  4. I Mostly Copy Other People
  5. Southern Weather
  6. Stop It
  7. Amazing Because It Is
  8. Everyone Here Smells Like A Rat
  9. Never Say
  10. Call Back When I'm Honest
  11. Everything Makes Me Sick

Quick Bio

It's all too easy to make an album in this day and age. You rent out a studio, record one part, and then cut and paste it across the whole record. That happens partly because of fear. Putting your soul on tape is a scary thing. THE ALMOSTovercame that fear and did something completely different for not only themselves but modern rock as a whole. They holed up in a small room in Nashville's Omni Studios for only five days and played every note of their third full-length album, FEAR INSIDE OF OUR BONES (Tooth & Nail/EMI/Universal), together in unison. Now, there's an overwhelming thunder on the horizon. It's the sound of a band realizing its potential. It's the sound of life. It's the sound of THE ALMOST.

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Aaron Gillespie - Vocals, Guitar
Dusty Redmon - Guitar
Jay Vilardi - Guitar
Jon Thompson - Bass
Joe Musten - Drums