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Haunted Horse: Songs of Love, Defiance and Delusion Track List

  1. When Daddy Gets Home
  2. Strange Town
  3. Yer Busy Little Beehive
  4. Follow the Man
  5. Some Folks
  6. Haven’t Sinned in Years
  7. Cell-O-Phone
  8. Chain Gang, Bang Bang
  9. Comin’ Up Theventh
  10. I Don’t Need Anything

Quick Bio

From the wreckage of roughly 20 nameless and faceless Los Angeles bands, Neon Horse arose as a collective of session musicians, home studio producers, waiters, postal workers, and bartenders who found a commonality among themselves as background players in the big picture of the L.A. rock scene. Literally hundreds of shows at clubs like The Troubadour, Spaceland (Silverlake, CA), The Viper Room, The El Rey, The Knitting Factory, etc. in various forgettable bands (or even more forgettable sessions) makes for a tough and realistic view of a working musician’s life, and the eventual members of the Horse were all looking for something new. After passing each other at dozens of shows – sometimes only to lend a hand with a busted chord or broken string, sometimes to keep an eye on the gear in the parking lot – and sharing countless tables for after hours war stories, the rather clichéd “inevitable” occurred and Neon Horse was formed.

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Neon Horse


Neon Horse