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They're Only Chasing Safety

It’s been over two years since Underoath burst on to the scene with their debut Solid State Records release, “The Changing of Times,” which garnered an influx of MTV2 airplay, nonstop touring with bands like Atreyu and Bleeding Through, and the title of the best selling debut release in Solid State’s history. Now, with the help of producer James Wisner (Dashboard Confessional, Further Seems Forever), these six Florida natives are ready to progress even further with their highly anticipated follow-up, “They’re Only Chasing Safety,” guaranteed to reel fans in with its 10 tracks of infectious hooks and choruses and fresh blend of heavy rock with an electronic base. Pick up “They’re Only Chasing Safety” June 15th!

Quick Bio

For the six men in Underoath, whose members have evolved and thrived during a decade-long progression that has elevated them into one of heavy music’s biggest successes, change has been ubiquitous. 2010 has been no exception for the Tampa-based sextet, who underwent and overcame what many consider their most significant line-up alteration yet. Yet in doing so, Underoath experienced an artistic rebirth in the form of Ø (Disambiguation), its triumphant fifth album for Solid State/Tooth & Nail.

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Spencer Chamberlain - vocals
Timothy McTague - guitar
Grant Brandell - bass
Christopher Dudley - keyboards
James Smith - guitar
Daniel Davidson - drums