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Triple Shot Track List

  1. Anywhere But Here
  2. Weak
  3. Want Ad
  4. Realize
  5. Think Twice
  6. Unopposed
  7. Aspect, The
  8. Ears To Hear
  9. Bad Hair Day
  10. Too Much Thinking
  11. Time Brings Change
  12. Pxpx
  13. Jars Of Clay
  14. High Standards
  15. Another Song About T.V.
  16. Twisted Words
  17. Walking Bye
  18. No Room
  19. Jay Jay's Song
  20. One Way Window
  21. Dead End
  22. Sugarcoated Poison Apple
  23. Do and Don't
  24. Teenage Politics
  25. Punk Rawk Show
  26. The Opposite Of Intellect
  27. False Fiction
  28. Falling Down
  29. Money
  30. Tree
  31. Like Sand Through The Hourglass...So Are The Days Of Our Lives
  32. Democracy
  33. Something More
  34. Different Things
  35. Misunderstanding
  36. Study Humans
  37. Requiring Minds What To Know
  38. I'm The Bad Guy
  39. Americanism
  40. Middlename
  41. My Mom Still Cleans My Room
  42. Do Your Feet Hurt
  43. Sometimes You Have To Ask Yourself
  44. The Wonder Years
  45. Move To Bremerton
  46. NY To Nowhere
  47. Andrea
  48. Your Problem My Emergency
  49. Chick Magnet
  50. Today Is My Way
  51. Sorry So Sorry
  52. Doing Time
  53. Correct Me If I Am Wrong
  54. Cristalena
  55. Destroyed By You
  56. Southbound

Quick Bio

MxPx know a thing or a two about longevity and consistency. They’ve been a band for nearly two decades and have released seven full-length albums, a covers collection, four EPs, three compilations and one live album. What’s even more impressive than their prolific nature - or that they were given the key to their home city of Bremerton in 2006 - is the fact that they’ve maintained the same three members for almost the entire course of their pop punk existence. In 2009, the Washington state trio – bassist/lead vocalist Mike Herrera, guitarist Tom Wisniewski and drummer Yuri Ruley – have elected to create another covers album, the 1980s-centric On The Cover II, which comes nearly fifteen years after On The Cover. On The Cover II will be released via Tooth & Nail Records.

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Mike Herrera - Vocals, Bass
Tom Wisniewski - Guitar, Background Vocals
Yuri Ruley - Drums, Background Vocals