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  1. Anthem Of The Lonely
  2. The Intervention
  3. Get Back
  4. Afterglow
  5. Adrenaline
  6. Believe Your Eyes
  7. Our Darkest Day
  8. Memo
  9. Write It Down
  10. The Void
  11. My Friend

Quick Bio

There’s probably no better way to introduce Nine Lashes’ immensely anticipated new album From Water To War than with one of the many morsels of advance praise heaped upon the sophomore project. “Besides expanding upon its alternative rock experimentation with electronic enhancement,” reads the pages of the influential CCM Magazine, “the group’s songwriting captures an intense season of spiritual growth, sure to resonate with anyone seeking authenticity.”

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Jeremy Dunn, vocals
Noah Terrell, drums
Jared Lankford, bass
Adam Jefferson, guitar
Jonathan Jefferson, guitar