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Capital Lights

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Rhythm 'N' Moves Track List

  1. Rhythm N Moves
  2. Let Your Hair Down
  3. Caroline
  4. Coldfront Heatstroke
  5. Newport Party
  6. Honey Don't Jump
  7. Say Hey!
  8. Don't Drop Dead Juliet
  9. Hey Little One
  10. Save The Last Dance
  11. Gotta Have Love

Quick Bio

These days it can be tempting for a band to try out muscling the mounds of competition by trying to technically outplay one another and constantly upping the hipster quotient, though in the case of Capital Lights’ sophomore CD Rhythm 'N’ Moves (Tooth & Nail), it’s all about the melodies and hooks. Granted, the Tulsa-based band is unbelievably tight and talented, as chiseled out on the road with the likes of Hawk Nelson and Run Kid Run, but there’s a sweet simplicity to the project that’s so immediate it’s impossible not to sing along after just a few spins.

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Capital Lights


Bryson Phillips - Vocals
Brett Admire - Guitar

Michael Paul Phillips - Drums

Jonathan Williams - Guitars
Jon Odle - Bass