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Premiere of Sent By Ravens' "We're All Liars" Video!
Posted by Sent By Ravens on 03/12/12

Watch the premiere of Sent By Ravens' new video for "We're All Liars" now on Alternative Press!

The song is off their album "Mean What You Say" which is available in stores and online now! Grab a ...

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Sent By Ravens Photo 6 (2012)

Sent By Ravens Photo 6 (2012)

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Quick Bio

For “Mean What You Say,” the band’s second album they partnered with Producer Rob Hawkins (Fireflight, Disciple), and made a record that, frankly, few bands could even conceive of making. Front to back, it is a triumph in production quality, unforgettable songwriting, and uncanny passion. It is dark and disquieting, yet uplifting. It is contemporary without being derivative. Yet for Riner and company, Mean What You Say is not simply an exercise in flexing their sonic might, but a vital response to a spiritual crisis in our culture.

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Sent By Ravens


Zach Riner - Vocals
JJ Leonard - Guitar
Andy O'Neal - Guitar
Jon Arena - Bass
Dane Anderson - Drums