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Teenage Fantasy

Canada's finest, Secret & Whisper, are back at it, with their follow up to 2008's Great White Whale. The band pulled out all the stop with "Teenage Fantasy" working with producer Jeff Schneeweis (Hawthorne Heights, Number One Gun) to craft a masterpiece that leaves you inspired and moved by their musical work. "Teenage Fantasy" is an album showcasing a band at its prime, pushing the status-quo of rock.

Quick Bio

“This album is more united than our previous work. We have different moods throughout but it works better as a whole. Of course we’re outdated because we still have the mentality of making an album when most kids now just care about a song.” Secret And Whisper vocalist Charles Finn talks about the band’s upcoming second long player titled Teenage Fantasy. “We put up the new song Edge Of Wilderness today and 80% of the comments were positive but the negative one’s stuck out to me because the kids were like it’s good but it’s not as powerful as our other new song Warrior (Southern Arrowwood) and I’m thinking did you think we’re a metal band? We write songs.” Bassist Jordan Chase chips in “we work with a lot of young bands but we don’t come from the same place they do. They just do one song or one sound over and over again for an album, I think does anyone remember when there was bands like Smashing Pumpkins who could play a soft song or come in with a heavy song and both were just as captivating?”

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Secret & Whisper


Charles Finn - Vocals
Jason Ciolli - Guitar/Vocals
Jordan Chase - Bass/Vocals
Ryan Loerke - Drums