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Sainthood Reps' debut album "Monoculture" is a work influenced by early 90’s post-hardcore and contemporary post-rock as well as other artistic avenues, with much of the lyrical content derived from historical perspective gathered via films and books rather than personal experience. Recorded in their native Long Island with producer Mike Sapone (Brand New, Crime in Stereo, The Xcerts), the album achieves a balance between jagged, uneasy, sometimes harsh distortion and fuzz and a sound that feels equally ethereal, reflective and progressive. "Monoculture" is available in stores and online August 9th.

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If someone happens to listen to or see Sainthood Reps and makes the decision to pick up an instrument, the band would consider this a mission accomplished. After all, that's how they got their start - inspired by the Long Island hardcore, punk and indie bands they grew up seeing.

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Sainthood Reps


Francesco Montesanto
Derrick Sherman
Bradley Cordaro
Jani Zubkovs