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Feel The Power

No one would accuse glam rockers Blessed By a Broken Heart of hopping on current musical trends to achieve greatness. Rather then drawing influence from what is hot this week, BBABH are carving out their niche by looking back and embracing the still-relevent, yet largely MIA, shred metal of the past. With their latest album, the appropriately titled "Feel The Power", Blessed has created a pulse-raising, headbang inducing, '80s influenced rock assault that is legitmately refreshing in a hard rock scene dominated by clones. So throw your fist in the air, turn up the speakers, grab an ice-pack to relieve your soon to be sore neck and get ready to "Feel The Power."

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Change can be a great thing, but it doesn’t always happen overnight. For some bands, the process can take the better part of a decade, between locking in the right lineup, finding the ideal sound and forging a unified creative vision. After eight years as a band, heavy metal trailblazers Blessed By A Broken Heart are finally there, and are embracing the changes as yet another chapter in their already distinguished career. And the best is yet to come.

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Blessed By A Broken Heart


Tony Gambino – Vocals
Shred Sean – Guitar
Tyler Hoare – Bass
Slater – Drums
Sam Ryder – Guitar