After releasing one of the most underrated and artistic hip hop records of 1999, "Flourescent Jellyfish", Furthermore returns April 23, 2002 with their second
masterpiece of rhyme, beat, and melody for Tooth & Nail Records -- "She And I". Storytelling rhyme master Fischer produced heavy, tricked out,
drum and bass-influenced beats and often magical melodies for the songs on "She And I". Backed by the multi-faceted femme vocals of musical partner
and contributing writer Lee, Fischer covers his production with cutting, introspective, imagery-rich, even profound lyrics that feel like a blood-letting
of the soul at times.

On their first record, Furthermore was composed of Fischer, Lee, and DJ Jason, but the aptly titled "She And I" is the sole product of Lee and Fischer.
The duo has grown not only in their songwriting, but on stage, where they are becoming innovative, lively performers. They gained a lot of road, live
show and life experience on last summer's "Penalty Box Tour," which featured T&N artists such as All Wound up, Shorthanded and the Dingees.

"It was hard playing with all punk bands," Lee recalls, "but really we are more comfortable with it that way. It is a good mix of styles, we think anyway.
The kids are great and very supportive. We went on a tour on our own in December. It was fun... more people had heard of us than we thought. It's
cool when everyone knows the words. It's the greatest feeling. I think we are a very mature and positive band. Fischer does what he does because he
has to. It is just a part of him to write music. Our personality is fun, down to earth, with a sense of humor, and though our music is hip-hop, our personality
is more punk rock, although that sounds kinda cheesy."

The focus of Furthermore is the songs. "Fischer is influenced by great melodies and great rhyming style," Lee shares. "He sees his songs as a whole.
Every element of his songs is important to him. Artists who create good melodies and arrangements and style influence him, no matter who they are."

Recorded and engineered by Barry Poynter, the new album represents a stark change in verbal direction from the almost strictly fun-loving Flourescent
Jellyfish, Lee explains that "She And I" was inspired by: "Love, of course! What else? Just kidding. Fischer has gone through a lot since the last album.
This album is much more personal and much more genuine. A lot can happen in three years."

Furthermore's commitment to exceptional songwriting and rich arrangements shows on the new album, with soothing pop/trip-hop compositions like
"Going Somewhere Fast," the heart-wrenching "Letter To Myself," the waltzing, luxurious "So Happy, It's Scary," and their mystical handling of REM's "Fall
On Me."

The bottom line with Furthermore's "She And I" is that it is a smart, affectual pop record with good songs, smooth hooks, and a powerful total-package
vibe, and it is going to attract much deserved attention from both critics and the kids in 2002. Pop it in and expect to be charmed, challenged and have
the choruses stuck in your head for the next month.

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After releasing one of the most underrated and artistic hip hop records of 1999, "Flourescent Jellyfish", Furthermore returns April 23, 2002 with their second

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Fisher - Lead Vocals
Lee - Backup & Vocals