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New A Dream Too Late Song Posted Online!
Posted by A Dream Too Late on 10/24/07

Check out A Dream Too Late's latest song, "City Parks" on their pre-order the album now!

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Intermission to the Moon poster

Intermission to the Moon poster

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Over the years Oregon's Portland/Albany area has served up many compelling bands of interest, but none with the unique blend of positivity and indie rock musicality like that of A Dream Too Late. Forget any Northwest slacker overtones; when considering Tooth & Nail's newest rockers, think more in terms like adventurous, creative, and empowering. The highly focused band stands out from acclaimed labelmates Falling Up, The Send and Run Kid Run for their particular sense of mission. True to their name, they promote the dreaming of dreams, even as they live out their own.

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A Dream Too Late


A Dream Too Late