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Tooth & Nail / Solid State in HM Readers' Poll Awards

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Tooth & Nail / Solid State artists dominated this year's HM Readers' Poll Awards (March issue). Check out the list of winners.

Favorite Singer: Ryan Clark (Demon Hunter)
2. Andrew Schwab (Project 86)
3. Aaron Gillespie (The Almost, Underoath)
4. Spencer Chamberlain (Underoath)
5. David Bunton (The Showdown)

Favorite Drummer: Aaron Gillespie (Underoath)
3. Lance Garvin (Living Sacrifice)
4. Matt Greiner (August Burns Red)
5. Yogi (Demon Hunter)

Favorite Album: Lost In The Sound Of Separation (Underoath)
2. Anorexia / Nervosa (Showbread)
3. Storm The Gates Of Hell (Demon Hunter)
4. Back Breaker (The Showdown)
5. The Anti Mother (Norma Jean)

Favorite Band: Underoath
2. Demon Hunter
3. August Burns Red
5. Living Sacrifice

Favorite Guitarist: Tim McTague (Underoath)
2. Josh Childers (The Showdown)
4. Rocky Gray (Soul Embraced)

Favorite Bassist:
2. Steve Dail (Project 86)
4. Lee Marie Hostetter (Children 18:3)
5. Mike Herrera (MxPx)

Favorite Lyricist: Andrew Schwab (Project 86)
2. Ryan Clark (Demon Hunter)
3. Aaron Weiss (mewithoutYou)
4. Josh Dies (Showbread)

Favorite Live Show: Family Force 5
3. Demon Hunter
5. August Burns Red

Favorite Album Cover: Back Breaker (The Showdown)
2. Lost In The Sound Of Separation (Underoath)
3. The Anti Mother (Norma Jean)
4. Storm The Gates Of Hell (Demon Hunter)

Favorite New Band; Children 18:3
2. Oh Sleeper
3. The Famine

Favorite HM Article:
3. Showbread
4. Underoath
5. Norma Jean

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