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You Wouldn't Believe What Privilege Costs

Tooth & Nail Records is very pleased to announce that Ryan Alexander’s CIVILIAN has signed to the label. Their sophomore release You Wouldn’t Believe What Privilege Costs will be released on October 21st. Dive in to the world of YWBWPC right here:

An incredibly mature collection of songs, the road Alexander took to arrive at YWBWPC provides at least a hint of an answer to how we find ourselves faced with a record so simultaneously beautiful and uncomfortable. From 2004 to 2009 Alexander divided his time between songwriting and leading a 20,000-person congregation at a Florida church. “Over time, this began to feel fake - like I was telling people what they wanted to hear” says Alexander. This dissonance birthed CIVILIAN.

Civilian’s first release, Should This Noose Unloosen – produced by Dan Hannon of Manchester Orchestra - was his first attempt at adding nuance to social conversations. When Alexander relocated to Nashville in 2014 he hadn’t planned on writing at all. “A guy told me he was a studio manager and that I should come by and do a song.” It turned out the studio was the legendary Sound Stage (Cash, Earle, Haggard, Dylan) on Nashville’s original Studio Row. “I wrote seventeen songs over the next two weeks” says Alexander. “I hardly left my house.”

“YWBWPC is an attempt to examine the intersection of love and politics and science and hope and nihilism. These aren’t mutually exclusive ideas” says Alexander. “I want people to know that what they think and say really matters and that nothing deep and meaningful should be off limits. We should boldly sit at the table of ideas and share our stories. This is what it is to be human.”

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Intricately melodic and immediately captivating, Civilian’s You Wouldn’t Believe What Privilege Costs is both a bold declaration from, and rebirth for, songwriter Ryan Alexander. Standing tall among its Indie Rock peers, YWBWPC guarantees Civilian’s place in the canon of modern American independent music.

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