Posted Wednesday, March 28, 2007 by Casey

A note from Aaron Gillespie!

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Check out this note from Aaron of Underoath.

"Hey hey hey everybody this is aaron; i just wanted to take some time and let you know what i am up to these days.

About a year ago i recorded a record called Southern Weather for my other band, The Almost.......i really really feel strong about this record and i am really blessed to have had this opportunity.

Anyway, this tuesday april 3rd, Southern Weather comes out and i would be really stoked if all of you would stop by the almost's myspace and have a LISTEN (

I really appreciate your support and want you all to know that Underoath has been and will always be my love and i will be loyal to all of you and Underoath in all my ventures...thanks so much for everything doods!!!

love, aaron"

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