Posted Wednesday, February 14, 2007 by Casey

Valentine's Day Ringtones!

Get yourself and the one you love a ringtone for Valentine's Day! Simply send the song code (for example: "ANBN2" for Anberlin's A Day Late) in a text message to 66555 and the ringtone will be sent right back to you. This is good for Cingular, T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon subscribers.

Anberlin- A Day Late- ANBN2
MxPx- Chick Magnet- MXPX5
MxPx- Do Your Feet Hurt- MXPX7
MxPx- Want Ad- MXPX6
Jonezetta- Backstabber- JZTA6
Dead Poetic- Narcotic- DP12
Demon Hunter- Heartstrings- DH12
Further Seems Forever- Snowbirds and Townies- FSF5
Hawk Nelson- Its Over- HN18
Bon Voyage- Kiss My Lips- BV15

Phones must be compatible. Users will be charged $2.99 for real music ringtones. Standard text messaging costs apply. Visit for customer service and full terms and conditions.

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