Posted Wednesday, October 12, 2011 by Casey

Enter I Am Empire's Rock Band 3 Contest on YouTube!

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Check out I Am Empire's Rock Band 3 Contest for your chance to win a Fender guitar! To enter, record yourself playing the band's song "The Elevator" on Rock Band 3 and submit the video as a response to the Contest Video on YouTube.

To submit your video as a video response, follow these simple steps:

1. Upload your video to YouTube
2. Once it has uploaded, return to this video and click inside the comment box underneath this video
3. To the right of the comment box, a link to "Create a video response" will appear
4. Follow the link, select your video, and submit!

The entry with the most points wins! Contest ends November 20th. "The Elevator" is available for download in the Rock Band Marketplace for Rock Band 3 on XBOX.

The band's album "Kings" is also available in stores and online now! You can download it online at Amazon MP3 or iTunes.

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