Posted Wednesday, April 25, 2012 by Casey

Write This Down's "Lost Weekend" In Stores and Online June 5th!

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Write This Down's new album "Lost Weekend" will be available in stores and online June 5th! Listen to the first new song "Crash and Burn" now on Noisecreep!

Pre-orders for "Lost Weekend" are also available now at the Write This Down Store.

"Lost Weekend" is an explosive collection of songs featuring intricate vocal interplay, massive riffs and towering percussion, thanks in part to production from Pete Stewart, the legendary lead singer/guitarist for alternative rock pioneers Grammatrain. In other words, the project should have no problem falling in line with a diverse influence pool that includes rhythmic heavyweights like Rage Against The Machine, Foo Fighters and Korn, the dueling vocals of Taking Back Sunday and Brand New, crossed with even the pop/punk stylings of Blink-182 and Fall Out Boy.

And while the band might easily be associated with the likes of the above, their sound and style remains all their own. Amongst Lost Weekend's raging riffs on tracks like "Crash and Burn," "See Ya Never," and "I'll Make You Famous" Write This Down lyrically inject positive messages in their music that listeners can relate to and which further separates them from the pack.

In the current musical landscape dominated by artificially flavored pop, Write This Down emerge, staying true to their values, their dedicated commitment to their fans and standing tall for heavy rock with one of the hardest hitting albums you'll hear this year, "Lost Weekend."

For more information and artwork, check out the album page.

Look out for the band on "The Lost Weekend Tour" happening June 23-July 11 with Children 18:3, Red Morning Voyage and Harp & Lyre.

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