Posted Tuesday, March 7, 2006 by Casey

Tooth & Nail Records SXSW Showcase!

We're kicking off this year's Tooth & Nail Tour in style at the Tooth & Nail SXSW Showcase in Austin, Texas and what a celebration it will be! Yee-haw! The Tooth & Nail SXSW Showcase will take place on Thursday, March 16th at the Redrum Annex and will feature the likes of Emery, Anberlin, Far-Less, The Fold, The Classic Crime, and Jonezetta! Make your plans to be there!

Redrum Annex
401 Sabine St.
Austin, TX 78701
(in between 4th St. & 5th St.)

Tickets will be available for purchase the day of the show and SXSW badge holders will also have access to the showcase.

And now...the line-up!

The Classic Crime - 8:00 PM
Jonezetta - 8:45 PM
The Fold- 9:30 PM
Far-Less - 10:30 PM
Anberlin - 11:30 PM
Emery - 12:30 AM

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