Posted Tuesday, May 10, 2005 by Casey

Project 86 In Studio Interview!

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What can we expect from the new Project 86 record? Do you guys have anything left to prove?

Yup. Let's just say if we aren't pushing ourselves to make a better record than we ever have than we might as well hang it up right now. Give up. Go be garbage men or college professors. I don't want to hype it. I think the music will speak for itself when it is finished. I am happy at this point in the process, and I feel like we are accomplishing our goals.

How will the new record fit into the current landscape of music? Screamo? Metalcore?

Hopefully it won't fit at all.

How are the spiritual aspects of the band coming through on the record?

I don't ever think we have wanted to be a "positive" band, but this record definitely brings our hope to the surface. There is reason why we are doing this, and I definitely want the whole world to know that reason without being too predictable in the presentation. This process has infused life back into each of us.

When can we expect the new record to hit stores?

September 27th is the street date.

What's this about a DVD?

We are currently filming a documentary which will be released approximately 8 weeks before the record drops. It's about the process we are going through...the ups, the downs, the doubts, the should be very interesting, tons of footage, new music, and hopefully our video for "The Spy Hunter."

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