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Out of the Badlands Track List

  1. A Boy Brushed Red... Living in Black and White
  2. I Can’t Make You Love Me
  3. No I Don’t
  4. Raspberry Layer Cake
  5. Reinventing Your Exit
  6. Say This Sooner
  7. Southern Weather
  8. Where the Streets Have No Name
  9. The Fox
  10. You Don’t Love Me Anymore

Quick Bio

Sometimes things go wrong. No matter the resistance, some paths careen towards places you never wished to travel. Earlier this year, Aaron Gillespie went there. He experienced what he can only articulate as “a tumultuous time of life turned upside down,” and as he pulled himself out of personal wreckage, few people came to his aid. Left alone, Gillespie went to his studio. “I started writing this record when I was mourning,” he explains. “It’s been a really weird year, and healing comes differently to people. This helped me cope.”

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