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Love At The Core

If imitation is the highest form of flattery, Run Kid Run guitarist Neil Endicott�s fashion designer friend must be downright honored by the southern Illinois band�s decision to name its second album after a phrase she first printed on one of her popular handbags.

Meant then and now as more than a fashion statement, Love at the Core weaves throughout its ten exuberant pop/rock songs the message that a relationship with God is central to the essence of life.

�The world often gives love a different meaning than what was originally intended,� says Endicott. �On this record we set out to find what love really entails. �Love at the core� just nails the point that, in all situations, the heart of love always has to do with God.�

Produced by James Paul Wisner (Dashboard Confessional, Paramore) over a two-month stretch in Florida, the new release expands on what Run Kid Run started with its 2006 debut, This Is Who We Are. That set charted the radio hits �We�ve Only Just Begun� and �Sing to Me,� gained exposure in American Eagle and Hollister stores and on daytime television, and led fans to sample the band�s songs nearly one million times at MySpace.

Early on, hailed Run Kid Run as a �next big thing� and described its first disc as �insanely catchy� and a �refreshing mixture of melody, cheer, and energy.�

Love at the Core is all those things as well, only made better by the maturing creative chemistry that comes from two more years of living together as a band on and off the road. The project opens with �Rescue Me,� a cracking good slice of Jimmy Eat World-styled pop driven by the distinct voice of singer David Josiah Curtis whose enunciation and timbre also bring to mind The Police in its heyday.

Quick Bio

Hailing from the state of Illinois, Run Kid Run is a 4 piece pop rock band with huge hooks, infectious melodies, and uplifting lyrics. Their debut full-length, "This is Who We Are," was produced by James Paul Wisner (Dashboard Confessional, Further Seems Forever, New Found Glory). ""This Is Who We Are" is about finding your true sense of self, and then holding on to that with all you have," says guitar player Neil Endicott. "We want people to have something they can listen to that makes them feel better about whatever is going on in their life." With a record that is guaranteed to make you sing along, don't pass up the chance to experience Run Kid Run for yourself. Look for "This is Who We Are" to hit stores in Summer 2006 on Tooth & Nail Records.

Run Kid Run


David Josiah Curtis - Vocals, Guitar
Neil Endicott - Guitar, Vocals
Matt Jackson - Drums