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When The World Sings Track List

  1. We Rock Harder Than You Ever Knew
  2. Labor Saving Device
  3. They Will Love Us For Our Instruments
  4. When the World Sings
  5. Give Us Treble
  6. The Patient
  7. For All Centuries
  8. Comforting, Gondoliering
  9. I Dropped A Bomb On Your Heart
  10. Young and Having Fun

Quick Bio

Adopting a back-to-basics approach, "You Make Me Hate Music" is a rock album in the vein of the Pretenders, The Smiths, and The Jesus and Mary Chain. Be ready for ten songs packed with shimmering hooks, thoughtful lyrics and smooth west coast jams. Produced and recorded by Jason Martin of Starflyer 59 and Terry Taylor of Lost Dogs and Daniel Amos, fans of artists like The Strokes, The Flaming Lips, Grandaddy, etc. will not be disappointed. This is guitar rock at its finest.

Fine China


Rob Withem - Guitar, Vocals, Keys
Greg Markov - Electric Bass, Keys
Joshua Block - Keys
Thom Walsh - Drums