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Everyone Is Out To Get Us

Emo-core, metal-core, pop-core...the list goes on and on. For a scene blanketed in genres and subgenres, the only thing original in music today seems to be how to creatively hyphenate the trend of choice. Welcome Far-Less, a band intent on the innovative. �We strive for meaning in melody,� explains bassist Joseph Powers. �Catchy, not pop, heavy, not core.� With influences ranging from Huey Lewis to Shadows Fall and everyone in between, pinning Far-Less to one genre is attempting the impossible. But with their debut full-length album, �Everyone Is Out To Get Us,� hitting stores February 7th, audiences will have the chance to hear exactly how their influences and creativity come together to flawlessly form something strictly original, strictly Far-Less.

Quick Bio

The rock music landscape is littered with pre-fabricated poseurs putting on their silliest clothes and making their stupidest faces with a complete lack of genuine emotion. Imagine a band without gimmicks, made up of regular people writing and performing honest music. Sound crazy?

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Brandon Welch - Vocals
Todd Turner - Drums
Joseph Powers - Bass
Mark Karsten - Guitar
Jordan Powers - Guitar, Vocals
Elizabeth Pina - Keyboards