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Waking Ashland isn't exactly your typical band. Fronted by a keyboardist, Waking Ashland strives to avoid the over-processed sounds of today’s generalized rock acts, building their music on genuine emotion rather than industry standards. And it’s no doubt people are taking notice as the band has sold over 10,000 copies of their debut EP (with no distribution), blazed on to 2004’s Warped Tour, and already raised an anxious stir for their upcoming full-length album, “Composure” out May 10th on Tooth & Nail Records.

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Waking Ashland, a band formed during the re-emergence of independent rock, merges the energy of artists like Jimmy Eat World and Weezer with the songwriting craft of Elvis Costello and Joe Jackson to create something both original and beautiful.

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Waking Ashland


Jonathan Jones - Vocals/Piano
Ryan Lallier - Guitar/Vocals
Thomas Lee - Drums
Andrew Grosse - Bass